Why SWM?

SWMs are hand-built in Italy at the previous Italian Husqvarna plant. The models we stock are updated versions of the previous Italian-made Husqvarna TE510, SMR510, and the TE630. We have extensive experience with these bikes and are happy to be able to offer these bikes to our customers at what we believe are great prices compared to competitive brands.

SWMs offer high-end build quality and components for a modest price — KYB Suspension, Brembo Brakes, Fuel Injection, LED lights, and they are street-legal.


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Current Inventory

  • 2019 SWM RS 500 R Street Legal Enduro

    New  2019  SWM
    RS 500 R Street Legal Enduro
    Mileage: New  Stock #: SW401039 
      Manufactured in Italy

  • 2019 SWM SM 500 R

    New  2019  SWM
    SM 500 R
    Mileage: New  Stock #: SW401051 
      Manufactured in Italy