2019 KTM 250 XC-W TPI Fuel Injection

2019 KTM 250 XC-W TPI Fuel Injection
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250 XC-W TPI Fuel Injection

Includes HANDGUARDS and SKIDPLATE. On SALE NOW was $9,699. Price includes all KTM incentives. SPEED INJECTED... KTM's 250cc engine is known to be the most powerful and most competitive 2-stroke engine in the world. TPI (transfer port injection) fuel injection system - a truly unique feature when it comes to 2-stroke race bikes. The patented EFI system with two injectors into the transfer ports of the cylinder makes the engine much smoother to ride and reduces the fuel consumption drastically, A state-of-the-art 2-stroke engine featuring the revolutionary TPI fuel injection combined with a lightweight and agile chassis make the 250 XC-W TPI the prime choice for extreme offroad use. No pre-mix thanks to an electronic oil pump, no jetting, but also low purchase and ownership costs make this bike the absolute top of its segment. 2019 250 XC-W TPI Highlights *** UPDATED WP Xplor 48 upside-down split front fork. Updated, slightly stiffer fork setting - improved feedback and more bottoming resistance *** UPDATED WP Xplor PDS rear suspension features updated main piston and updated settings while still offering the progressive feel and excellent bottoming resistance only PDS can provide. *** New graphics and orange frame - high-end Ready to Race appearance *** New seat cover - improved comfort and grip ***New stronger and super lightweight Lithium-Ion battery - better starting *** 249cc 2-Stroke engine fitted with a patented TPI fuel injection system for perfect fueling at any altitude, no premixing and reduced fuel consumption while still living up to the standard of a KTM 2-stroke. *** Cylinder with two injectors placed in the rear transfer ports for excellent downstream atomization of fuel. *** EMS featuring a ECU controlling ignition timing and fuel based on information from sensors reading intake and ambient air pressure, throttle valve position and water temperature for optimized engine response.