1997 Cagiva Planet

1997 Cagiva Planet
Mileage: 156  Stock #:CA000332
On Hold


Oh hold, for a long time GP customer. Just 156 original miles (252km) and EXCELLENT condition on this RARE CLASSIC! The cousin of the successful, 'MINI 916' Cagiva Mito, the Cagiva Planet 125 takes its engine, running gear and chassis from the mad little sportsbike so it's got a good pedigree. It's also beautifully designed and knocks the socks off its competitors. The Cagiva Planet is tiny but has great brakes, excellent handling and lots of go, for a little 'un. Throwing it around is easy, as is its slow speed maneuvrability (perfect for urban riding) and its suspension deals with whatever city streets can throw at it. The Cagiva Planet 125's engine is taken from the mini sports 125 Cagiva Mito, the two-stroke, single cylinder engine's detuned to provide the Planet with more town-usable grunt and a little less manic top end. It works a treat. Plenty of acceleration is perfect for filtering through traffic and leaping away from the lights and it's all delivered in a neat, controllable but fun little package. SEXY, SMOOTH and CURVACEOUS.... all wrapped in a flingable little body. It may be a starter motorcycle but the attention to detail is impressive: that beautifully-sculpted chrome exhaust is rather lovely, for a start. The engine/chassis are proven.