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The new TXT RACING 2022 goes back to a purely Racing style, dominated by the red color that defines the brand. A minimalist look that transgresses the lines to which we are used to, applying large masses of color. A motorbike of attractive and passionate appearance aligned with the heart of the machine, with the GASGAS DNA. The new center of gravity arrangement stands out, allowing greater traction in the rear train. The well-known and proven two-way Öhlins shock absorber is accompanied by a link that achieves the perfect stability to control the increase in torque transmission of the rear wheel to the ground, even in the most challenging situations. The rear assembly also shows improvements in the swingarm, in close teamwork with the manufacturer of extensive experience with parts of this type. After a meticulous work of analysis and optimization, we have maintained its lightness while increasing its already proven resistance. The relocation of the center of gravity has also allowed us to improve the front end, undoubtedly the most agile, reactive and accurate among all trial bikes on the market. Its stability has increased thanks to the careful tuning of both the suspension and the set of components, such as, for example, the new suspension bridge that provides a better anchorage point of rigidity and precision. We must also highlight our well-known 2T engine, born by and for the practice of trial. The evolution of our genuine kevlar discs clutch system incorporates a new spring and variable preload that offers the possibility of adjusting the tension of the clutch to the driver's preferences. The new clutch disc cover not only gives it a renewed look, but also allows direct access to this crucial component in the trial engine. The tireless R & D engineers have redefined and optimized the internal measures of this unit to obtain the smoothness and lightness required by the intense practice of the sport of trial. A freer crankshaft has been profiled so that the engine pushes upwards even on the most difficult steps, fitting perfectly to the most specialized techniques for the practice of this discipline.